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Our non-profit initiative Associazione Elettrosmog Sicilia is committed to dealing with electrosmog topics, that is the environmental pollution which is caused by artificial ElectroMagnetic Fields (EMFs). We are aware there is very little unbiased and complete information about electrosmog issues by both the official italian media and the public control italian authorities.

By means of technical and scientific skills brought by some of our associates, our organisation promotes the spreading of information regarding all the potential implications on health effects that are caused by EMF exposure on affected individuals.

In addition to services offered to our associates, we promote public speeches, seminars and meetings in several places (schools, institutions, other societies) in order to make everyone aware about the massive environmental EMF pollution that has occurred in the last years, because of the dissemination of mobile telephony and all sorts of wireless gadgets, which is still going to increase after the deployment of the new fourth generation (4G) mobile telephony service.

Among other things, we offer our collaboration to public entities and local institutions in a effort to help them conform to all law prescriptions and to help protect the public health from EMF hazards.

Inside our website (still under contruction and continuos improvement), you can find a selection of information on electrosmog topics in italian language, which we believe is both concrete and clear enough to be worth reading.

For further information, please Contact us.